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Get Your Own WP T-Shirt Store

Added on June 6, 2014

Get Your Own WordPress T-Shirt Store Theme and Plugin…

covertshirtstoreThe new Covert T-Shirt Store theme for WP can can transform your Blog into a T-Shirt selling machine, it took me just 17 mins!

I’ve been wanting to set up my own T-shirt site for AGES, but never got around to doing it because I knew that without a tool like this it would take loads of time…

well, a little earlier I made myself a cup of tea and downloaded the theme to see just how quick I could get a site up using it.

I gotta say, I was pretty impressed, it took under 17 minutes for me to have the site up and a bunch of T-shirts added!

That time included setting up WordPress on the domain, installing the theme, getting the theme setup AND adding some T-Shirts for sale…

Although I will admit that I just went with the default settings, there’s a lot you can play with to customize the look and feel of your site to get it looking sharp, mine’s just the dafult “out of the box” setup.

I should also point out that I skipped the tutorial video, which shows it’s pretty intuitive (easy) to get setup, I am going to have a run through the video later tonight to see what I’m missing out on, but my site is up and ready to make me some money!

Oh, I also didn’t have a TeeSpring or Skreened account set up, so I had to go get those done as well!

Here’s a quick Demo Video of Covert Shirt Store in action:

Want to take a look at my new site?

Guess what, you’re on it…

I’ve owned the domain for a while, but until now I had it up for sale, now it’s a fully live T-shirt and it took just minutes to do, in fact my cup of tea hadn’t even gone cold in the time it took me to get it all setup, result! 😉

Now I’m going to go watch the tutorial video to see what else I can play with in the theme, I highly recommend you go take a look at the new theme now, as the price is going up shortly, they’re going to put the price up every 24 hours…

Here are just a few of the cool features…

~ Run a no cost, no risk t-shirt business. Without having to pay for design or expensive Facebook ads.

~ Designed to maximize your social traffic and increase the chances of your posts going viral

~ Automatic traffic generation with Tumblr Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more ~ Including Facebook comments!

~ You can fill your sites with quality content 6 t-shirts in minutes without ever writing a single word or creating any t-shirts yourself!

~ It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing t-shirt store theme ~ automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

~ Full auto responder integration. Automatically builds your list and generates followers on Facebook, Pinterest and more…

I have NEVER seen ALL of this in a WordPress theme before.

Covert Shirt Store is totally unique, cutting edge and insanely powerful.

Yet so simple to use it makes sending an email seem clunky.

You HAVE to watch the demo video and see this theme in action!

here’s the link to use to check out this theme for yourself: Covert T-Shirt Store

Right now you can grab it at the the special low early bird price.

But in less than 12 hours the price will start going up… FAST!

I highly recommend that you grab this theme and get your own T-Shirt site setup today…

*NOTE: There is an “Upsell” offer after you grab your copy of the theme, it’s for a Plugin that goes with the theme that will allow you to create your own T-Shirt designs for Skreened to run your own campaigns, so you can then use your new T-Shirt site to advertise and make money from your own designs, instead of just using other peoples… Sweet!

And yes, I picked up a copy of that as well… 😉


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